Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video

YouTube – Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video (Via Mike Porcelli.) I’ve opened this video a few times from Twitter links, but at Porch’s urging I finally watched it this morning. I loved it. Vote today if it’s your turn.

UPDATE: I think the following email may be important to pass on here as well, at least for Californians.

Mark —

Californians have reported problems voting as “Decline to State” voters, commonly referred to as “unaffiliated,” “independent” or “non-partisan” voters.

Please read this email for clarification of how “Decline to State” (DTS) voters can vote in today’s election for Barack Obama. Even if you’ve already voted, please make sure this information gets to as many voters as possible.

DTS voters have the right to vote for Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

DTS voters must identify themselves as DTS or non-partisan voters and ask to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary when they arrive at their polling location. They will get instructions from a poll worker on how to vote in the Democratic Primary. If a voter gets into the voting booth and finds that he or she does not have an option to vote for Barack Obama, the voter should not cast his or her ballot. Instead, he or she should return the partially filled-out or unmarked ballot to the poll worker, and ask the poll worker to seek clarification from the supervisor at the polling location or from the County Registrar of Voters.

In Los Angeles County, DTS voters will be given a non-partisan ballot which they must take into a “Democratic” booth. They must mark both the “Democratic” bubble and the bubble for Barack Obama.

If you or anyone you know has any problems voting today, please contact the local County Registrar of Voters or one of our election protection hotlines at:

Los Angeles:

San Francisco/Bay Area:

Oakland/East Bay Area:

San Diego:


Thank you for your support.

Buffy Wicks
California Field Director
Obama for America
P.S. — Please share this information with your friends and family as soon as you can. Help make sure everyone who wants to vote for Barack in California has the opportunity: