Workshop Wikis

Below are links to wikis I’ve created to support workshops I’ve lead for various clients. Some are more or less active than others. Some are merely the course agenda with active links… and some have real community contributions. Please feel free to use and contribute to these. They are all shared under the standard creative commons license at

Audacity in Education
Blog if You Love Learning
Gifted Education and the Read/Write Web
Google in Education
Internet Awareness and Safety
iPhoto in Education
Movie Maker in Education
Open Source Software in Education
Picasa in Education
Premiere in Education
RSS in Education
Tablet PC in Education
Technology Planning
Two Way Teaching
Video Games in Education
Wiki While You Work

Here are even more workshop wikis. These were started by Burt Lo and inspired the wikis above.

Blogs in Education
Digital Cameras in Education
iPod in Education
Podcasting in Education

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