Working with 7-8 Teachers at Salem

I’m back at Salem, this time with the middle school teachers. I’m asking them the same questions I asked the k-2 folks on Tuesday (participant responses are in italics):

  1. What is a blog? A conversation… a journal… anyone can write one… its a bit informal compared to other forms of writing… a form of communication with a group of people.
  2. What is the read/write web? creating the internet yourself… you’re updating it… you can modify what other write… wikipedia’s an example… we have few ideas/examples here… but their website is one – but they have control.
  3. What might these technologies mean for your students? Students can see different points of view at one location… if they are writing – they have to be able to express their thoughts… it’s more about internalizing and applying what they’ve learned – they’re actually producing something.

This is a great start, and we’re off to the races with a new group…