Which Wiki Service is Best for Schools?

Wikispaces vs. PBwiki (Via misterteacher.com.)

James Tubbs at misterteacher posted a brief comparison of PBWiki and Wikispaces. I’ve been using (and teaching) wikispaces for a while, and hadn’t yet tried PBWiki – but felt I should due to its popularity. I’d been looking for (well, hoping to come across) a comparison for a while. James concludes the WYSIWYG editor on Wikispaces makes it the right choice for use with students. I’d love to hear any other opinions on this. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to finally try it out myself.

UPDATE: So I went looking, and here’s a good post on Free hosted wikis: comparison of wiki farms.

UPDATE 2: I accidentally deleted this post while playing with flickr and photoblogging. It’s back.