What’s Kept Me Busy?

I had a very hectic August and 1st week of September training teachers before school started and finishing a few big projects. Some of these things I can share on this blog, and in an attempt to get into a regular blogging habit here, I will try to make a daily post each day this week (starting Monday… tomorrow I will focus on my writing for Walden).

The first few posts will be links to materials and reflections from these recent events:

I will add links here as I complete these posts. I suspect there will be additional posts this week on account of the reading I do online as well.

I’ve also put some new things in my sidebar… in July I added my new company logo, our services, and brief bios for Eva and I. Now I’ve added the wikispaces counter and the support blogging badge.

PS. I still plan to post a series of posts containing categorized links to items I’ve found interesting over the past six months, but have not blogged about. I’ll try to do one of those a day, too.