What happens when you don’t post right away?

In short, you get beat to the story. I’m not sure what the value of not getting beat to the story is for me, but these two cases are almost humorous.

Google’s acquisition of Writely, which has some hoping for an online office suite from Google, appeared all over my feeds:

Writely Confirms Google Acquisition (Via Education/Technology – Tim Lauer.)

Writely and Google (Via elearnspace.)

Congratulations! Writely is now part of Google! (Via theory.isthereason.)

Google and Writely (Via EDITing in the Dark.)

And, if we are to have an online office suite, perhaps it will include something like DabbleDB. DabbleDB is a Very Impressive Web Based Application… (Via Education/Technology – Tim Lauer.)

Google Mars had a similar effect over a few days:

Google Maps for Mars… (Via Education/Technology – Tim Lauer.)

Google Mars (Via EDITing in the Dark.)

Google Maps Mars (Via Lifehacker.)

Check for life on Mars yourself (Via Teach42.)

… and finally, Wesley Freyer posted about it. Google Mars and 3D earth (Via Moving at the Speed of Creativity.) But I guess I’m showing up later than Wesley even… but we did integrate this into our presentations at the OCDE straight away – in time for a presentation at CUE on March 11th even. :)

Hm. It seems the blogging principal, Tim Lauer, was the first to both of these – unless I was reading feeds out of order. How does he do it?