What Comes Next?

One of the most interesting questions Mike and I were asked during the WOW2 skypecast on Tuesday was something along the lines of “where do we get our inspiration for innovations?” I believe Mike’s answer was (without going back to the recording) something about teachers and those in our field inspiring us. I then took the opposite tack and talked about the inspiration I get from outside the field… often by reading the A-List bloggers like Winer or Scobble, but also from reading folks like Kathy Sierra (who is popular with edubloggers) and Liz Stauss. There’s certainly others in my 632 subscriptions, but a new addition I want to point out is my long-time friend David Brussin. (We’ve known each other since about 6th grade, were in high school drama and AP classes together, and occasionally played table-top role playing games together.)

David has co-founded three successful technology companies, and is working on ideas for his forth. Brainstorming with him about technology, education, and gaming remains an inspiration for me. Happily, he has also started blogging at What Comes Next?

Enjoy the new “perspectives from the line between technology and business.” I hear he has a new post going up later today, and a more in-depth collaboration coming soon.