What am I doing?

Between catching up from NECC, preparing to be gone for another conference next week (followed by vacation), taking on a new (volunteer) project, keeping up with my long-term work, and starting in on Chapter three of my dissertation, I haven’t wound up posting anything new here on this blog. (By Monday I hope to have chapter three up.) I have, though, had an active online presence this week. I’ve been posting updates to twitter, and following a host of colleagues there. Please check it out if you’re interested: http://twitter.com/markwagner/

I suspect I have another blog post about twitter coming up… it’s a strangely engaging communication “tool” and others are already starting to write a great deal about how it might be useful in education – to say nothing of it’s social significance. Here’s a few sample (in no particular order, though I tried for chronological):

Idea: TwitterStory where everyone contributes… (Via theory.isthereason.)

Twitter in the Classroom? (Via 2 Cents Worth.)

Twitter Me This: Brainstorming Potential Educational Uses for Twitter (Via http://eduspaces.net/csessums/weblog/rss.)

Twitter: Ephemeral Learning Tool (Via A Difference.)

I Feel Like a Twit Part II (Via The Four Eyed Technologist.)

TwitterLit is genius » Slacker Manager (Via A Teacher’s Life.)

twittergram.com can now handle wav files (Via Scripting News.)

A new journalism tool? Twitter? (Via Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger.)

I think I missed a few good posts on twitter in education I’ve seen recently, so if you know of any, please post them in the comments. Meanwhile, I still need to get my own mind around this and see what comes out as I process it.