Welcome to the Blogosphere HBHS

This morning I am back at Huntington Beach High School for Day Three of their Tech Summer Camp. Yesterday Robert Craven and I joined them for four hours. I led them through a hands-on introduction to Audacity, and Robert gave them an orientation to their new Cannon A620 Digital Cameras and to Picasa. Today I started the day with my introduction to blogs and the read/write web, and Robert moved them forward into Podcasting. The sessions were short (less than 2 hours each) and there were a handful of setup and technical challenges, but boy did the 28 participants learn a lot – and boy did they seem to enjoy it. I always enjoy working with enthusiastic teachers… especially when they are choosing to come to a training during their summer break!

They didn’t get a lot of opportunities to explore what’s out there, so I left them with Will’s site, Dave’s site, and this site as places to start. (From there I’m sure they’ll be able to find dozens of other amazing educational blogs.) I am writing this post to welcome them to the blogosphere. :)

For my part, I really got spoiled by the Blogging Institute at the OCDE last month. I enjoyed having the time to really delve into questions. Thankfully, HBHS teachers can still visit my Blogging Institute category to explore the resources and links we generated at that event.

I know these things will only gain limited traction due to a one shot summer camp, but they’ve got some enthusiastic folks there (including Jamie Knight, the Loud Librarian), and I look forward to seeing how these seeds we’ve planted will grow at HBHS.