Warlick on MUDs

Hitchhikr Today (Via 2 Cents Worth.) David Warlick calls MUDs (Multi User Dungeons, or Multi User Domains, circa 1995) “the MOST interesting topic for education I have ever been involved in.” MUDs are the text based predecessors of the modern MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) on which I am focusing my research. It’s always exciting to see Warlick give a nod to the topic of games in education, but where are the David Walicks and Will Richardsons of the games in education movement? It’s certainly not me – I don’t have the traffic… I suppose it could be people like Bill MacKenty, who has actually implemented in classrooms, and who continues to work in that direction despite his new job. There are theorists like James Paul Gee and Marc Prensky writing about games in schools… but where are the k12 educators, and where are the best practices being collected and written about passionately?

Perhaps I’ve chosen my dissertation topic wisely… perhaps we are only at the beginning of this revolution.

While I’m thinking of it. I’d love to hear more from David on why he thought MUDs were so interesting…