Walden Dissertation Committee Very Responsive

I’m excited to report I’ve just sent a complete draft of my dissertation to Dr. Nolan (who is the chair of my committee). I know I’ve got months of revisions and hoops to jump through ahead of me, but boy is this starting to feel real – and nearly done. I should graduate after exactly five years in the program.

More importantly, after having written on this blog about my frustrations with getting my proposal approved in a timely manner (and with some incendiary post titles), I want to say publicly how amazingly responsive my committee was when they reviewed chapters 1 through 4 two weeks ago. They all got back to me with incredibly detailed, helpful, and encouraging feedback only two days after I turned in my draft. I certainly don’t expect such extraordinary turn around time with this complete draft of all five chapters and appendixes (they technically have 10 business days to respond), but I’m very much looking forward to their feedback and to improving my paper until it is ready for academic review and the provost’s signature.