Videogames in Education: New Reading

Since I wrapped up my literature review a few months ago, I’ve been collecting (and putting off reading) new books related to my study. There are at least three I’m dying to read (two of them sit on my shelf, and the third – the Gibson, Aldrich, Prensky book – I’m having trouble getting a hold of):

Also, I’m dying to read these two game design books, especially the first one (and both sit on my shelf):

And this is to say nothing of the steady stream (well, trickle still) of videogames and learning articles that have been released, including one in ISTE’s most recent Journal of Research on Technology in Education: Digital Games in Education: The Design of Games-Based Learning Environments by Begoña Gros.

With any luck, I’ll be able to dig into some of these at times like this when I’m waiting for my committee to get back to me… or when I’m waiting on data from the participants. Who knows, these things might make a (brief) appearance in the final dissertation. :)

If anyone has read any of these and has some thoughts or opinions on the books, I’d love to hear them, too. It’s always good to have some context going in… and it’s always more fun to read something your friends or colleagues are reading, too.