Video Games in Education (LONG)

Unlike the other segments I’ve been posting, this section covers the actual application of video games in the classroom, not the underlying learning theory. Back on April 17th I posted a similar one-page overview of Video Games in Education. This is the fleshed out version of that post, complete with examples, citations, and quotes. This long version is also different from the other long segments I’ve been posting because it’s more based on the presentations I’ve been giving than the formal notes I’ve collected. As a result I’ve included what formal citations I can, but much of what I’ve included is simply made up of examples I’ve come across in the last two years. I suspect I will need to return to this section and cite more of the material if possible later on… but I’ll wait and see what my committee thinks first… and what you all think. Here are links to the word doc and the updated version of my references, with a few new websites included:

Video Games in Educaiton (LONG) – 73.5 KB doc

References – 133.5 KB doc

Please let me know what you think in the comments. :)