U.S. Falling Behind in Global ‘Brain Race’ – Science –

U.S. Falling Behind in Global ‘Brain Race’ – Science – (Via Furl – The mguerena Archive.) Mike Guerena focuses on an interesting quote from this article. Science is one of the most inherently exciting subjects in school, and math one of the most useful. We need to ask ourselves what we’ve been doing that has made these subjects so boring and unpalatable… and of course, what we can do now that we couldn’t do before to make them more exciting and authentic. Project based learning is just a start; it offers context, opportunities for inquiry-driven discovery learning, and of course opportunities for collaboration and social-negotiation of learning. (You may have noticed these things are something of a theme here.) Technologies such as the read/write web, or games and simulations can facilitate this kind of learning.

What I really wanted to do was leave a comment on Mike’s FURL item, but FURL doesn’t support comments. Now, though, that I’ve made the referral here in wordpress, you can leave comments on this post, and even subscribe to an RSS feed to follow any further comments. Not that this will happen, but I’m happy with this change.