Update on the OCDE Video Games in Education Webcast and Podcasts

I offer this post in the same spirit in which Peter Jackson is offering insight into the making of King Kong, frustrations and all, at KongIsKing.net

A few days ago I announced that the project that Mike Guerena and I have been working on was as finished as it will get. The first OCDE Video Games in Education webcast was to be available in the archive at http://vc.ocde.us by around 4 pm Thursday. (There will also be two companion audio podcasts available at http://edtech.ocde.us soon after if is finally posted.)

Unfortunately, it’s now Sunday night, and the webcast is not up yet. I’m glad announcing here is not the same as announcing on the OCDE site. We were adding things down to the wire and apparently there was trouble rendering, trouble compressing, and trouble posting to the webcasting server! I suspect it will be up on Monday as we’ve now cleared two of the three hurdles.