Two-Way Teaching With Technology (For Health)

A few hours ago I gave a keynote speech for the California Association of Health Careers Educators. I enjoyed the experience and learned quite a bit; they were a participatory group and shared many examples and anecdotes from their own experience. I’m posting the slides here for their convenience, and I’m also posting a question I couldn’t answer, but which I expect will be increasingly important.

So first, here’s the slides. If you’ve downloaded my other presentations you’ll see much that is familiar, with a focus in places on health education. And some of it, of course, you really have to be there for. :)

CAHCE Slides

Also, here are some additional statistics and other items I mentioned as I spoke:

  • 35 blogs about “career education” registered at technorati
  • 39 blogs about “health education” on technorati
  • 1000 blogs about “health care” on technorati
  • See for an example.
  • 50k hits for “health education” at Google Blog Search
  • 30 “health care” podcasts listed in iTunes
  • 22 of them are also listed under “education”
  • I also referred to the wikipedia article on health care.
  • Visit to see some health games for kids.
  • One of the participants also recommended as a source of educational games.

As for the question I couldn’t answer… one of the participants asked if there was a way to search for podcasts that include closed captioning. While some podcasts in the iTunes directory do, there doesn’t seem to be a way to search for them. Short of Googling “closed captioned podcasts” I’m not sure how one could find podcasts appropriate for the deaf and hard of hearing. If anyone reading has any better information, please let me know and I’ll pass it on to the CAHCE folks. (Incidentally, I just learned from the wikipedia article on closed captioning that closed captioned video games are becoming more common. Cool.)