Trying Something New With The Blog

I’m planning on trying two new things actually.

First, I am going to try post-dating some of my posts so that instead of delivering them in irregular bursts when I find time (only about once a week or so this year) I will deliver one per day as often as I can. I just wrote three posts and post-dated them for next week. It feels a little bit like being a serial cartoonist might… or how I imagine it might feel.

The second thing I’m going to try is to give up saving drafts of posts when I want to link to someone else. Over a year ago I stopped using FURL. I incorporated my archives here (thanks again to David Brussin) and I started posting any links as part of this blog. The point was to provide one source for any content I was sharing. The trouble was, I felt compelled to make my link posts more substantial now that they were part of this blog. As a result, I posted fewer links. I have over a hundred drafts of link posts saved and unposted! These aren’t doing anyone any good. One day I will collect them by category and post them here. In the meantime, I’m going to start going straight from my RSS reader to edtechlife. I’ll include one line of text the way I used to with my FURL posts, and the way proto-blogger Dave Winer does at Scripting News. I still struggle with how to differentiate these posts from my own, but for now I’ll precede the title of these posts with “Link:” to differentiate them. I’m around 2000 posts behind in my reading after the last two weeks, so this may be a good time to try this out… I hope it is not overwhelming (for me or for readers).

The first thing I’m trying already makes me so happy I’m almost giddy. The second makes me very nervous. Perhaps it would be wiser to try one thing at a time. Oh well, let me know if you hate it. And feel free to weigh in now if you like. I may find myself going back to FURL.

PS. It turns out my mother, who is a middle school teacher, is reading my blog now. Perhaps she’ll be blogging soon herself. In the meantime… Hi, mom.

UPDATE: I think I’ll try three things… I’m going to collect one category of draft posts per week and share the links on Fridays. If my effort to post links right away fails, maybe I’ll stick to that format for all link-posts in the future.

My apologies if this post was too procedural for anyone. I figure other bloggers may be dealing with the same issues. Feel free to share in the comments if you are.

Now back to the dissertation I should be working on.