Not Blogging Out of Obligation (and Proud of It)

I’ve been doing a lot of link blogging here, but I’m conscious of how much time passes between substantial posts here. I’m trying to resist blogging out of obligation… I’m sure that would be unhealthy, and in some ways I think I need to actually be proud of my lack of blogging lately. Most importantly, I haven’t had anything new or unique to contribute.

Also, when I originally started blogging, my primary purpose was to be able to share the writing I was already doing (for work or for school) with others. I’ve continued to be faithful to that mission over the years, and I’ve often written quite a bit specifically for the blog to boot. My link blogging continues to meet my initial purpose because I am sharing the annotations on my bookmarks – and this is working well for me. Other than email and procedural communications, I’m not writing much else right now. I expect this will change as I start to collect data for my doctoral study in the coming weeks. :)

Even so, there is no doubt that I’ve missed some excellent opportunities to blog lately. I’ve often reflected on my experiences and begun composing a post mentally only to never make the time to actually post it. My experiences during a full day blogging workshop at Salem, a keynote (and full day) at the San Diego CUE tech fair, and with recent readings in new literature about video games and learning have all cried out to be blogged (not to mention a new Tablet PC Sharing Session and hosting my first videoconference – it’s not archived yet).

While part of me wishes I would’ve made time to write these posts, in some ways I’m glad I haven’t. I’ve remained focused on my priorities during work hours and I’ve done well in my continued efforts to lead a more balanced life. (I read recently that asking a workaholic to get over his problem while still working is something like asking an alcoholic to get over his problem while having a Margarita every night.) I’ve spent more time with Eva (and other family), more time outdoors, more time relaxing, and more time reading for fun. And I can still play more video games for fun. During this period that I’ve been waiting for approval to proceed with my study (from various parties at he University) I’ve actually enjoyed weekends for the first time in a long time. So, while I’m sure I would’ve learned some things by composing posts about my experiences, I think it’s healthy for me to give some of that up for the time being. Since I’ve been working on living a more balanced life for nearly as long as I’ve been blogging, I think I can be proud of it too.

So this is what I have to share and contribute this evening… a few introspective reflections of an educational blogger trying to live a balanced life. Since the questions “how do you make time for this?” and “how do teachers make the time for this?” come up often in my workshops, I guess this is a relevant topic.

It seems the trend toward posting less often is gaining in popularity (especially as practices such as twittering seem to replace shorter format blogging). Perhaps I’ll be posting (at least in this way) less often for a while. Also, I’ve often seen bloggers I read declare that they write the blog more for themselves than others. I suppose this is true for me in many respects… it’s certainly why I’m writing this post… but it’s definitely not the whole story. I wouldn’t share this here if I weren’t hoping that others might share the same experience or benefit from my sharing. I hope you’ll comment if either is true.

All that being said, I also know that not blogging as often means I’m not forcing myself to think as deeply. And even if I am blogging regularly, I know I can think more critically on a more regular basis than I do. I can make a more committed effort to find new connections, ask new questions, and make contributions.

Of course, if blogging is important to me professionally, I should make time for it during my “work hours.” And if it’s important to me personally, I shouldn’t feel bad about evening and weekend hours invested in it. :)

I need to reconsider making a “blogging time” in my workday. I’m considering the last hour of the day… to reflect and wind down. Tomorrow, though, I’ll be back to focusing on priorities during work hours. I forgot about the holiday on my Calendar… and I saved a lot of prep for this coming week until Monday, so I have to work (and focus).

For now, it’s been a full Sunday of hockey, taking care of my pregnant (and sick this weekend) wife, academic reading, reacquainting myself with Second Life, and now even a little blogging. Now I’m off to do a little fun reading and relaxing with Eva before turning in. I think there’ll be another link or two posted from tonight, too. :)

PS: This post comes the same weekend I pruned my RSS feeds down from over 700 to only about 178. I hope I have more similar focusing changes ahead in the coming weeks.