To iPod or Not to iPod? (And what about handhelds? And phones?)

To iPod or Not to iPod? (Via edTech Classroom.) Here is another iPod in Education post (and Brian’s been posting some good content over at edTech Classroom lately, so the link is worth it). There is a comparison chart between iPods and “handhelds” that neatly summarizes my thoughts on the topic. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as I consider what equipment I’ll need post-OCDE. I wound up getting an iPod (I’ve been spoiled), but, sadly, it is no replacement for a handheld. I may combine my handheld and phone with something like a Treo 700p, but this is expensive, espcially with the data service, and especially if I don’t switch carriers. (I’d have to buy an unlocked GSM version for T-Mobile for hundreds of dollars more.) Alternatively, I’ll keep my simple phone and get something like a Tungsten TX, but I would really miss the web and email after using the blackberry for so long now. I haven’t sorted this one out yet… and I’m open to suggestions.