There’s so much I want to write about!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing this past week (and a lot of face-to-face tech planning and professional development). Some of the writing I’ll be able to share here… sooner or later. I’ve written an article on video games in education, Learning to Game and Gaming to Learn, due out in the May issue of the Classroom Connect Connected Newsletter. It seems I’ll be able to post a pdf of the article here as well. I’ve also been helping to author additional “one-pagers” for the Google Teacher Academies, and I hope these will be available online soon as well (the existing ones are available on the Infinite Thinking Machine Stuff page.). Naturally, I’ve been working on my dissertation, too (I’m working on the formal literature review right now), and I suppose I’ll be able to share that here sooner than later, too.

Meanwhile, since I last posted here I’ve saved another 18 drafts of posts I’d like to get back to. About a year ago I integrated all of my Flickr bookmarks (and all my previous blog posts) into this new blog, so I’d be sharing (and saving) content in one place. Now, though, I’m seriously considering switching back to Flickr (or another social bookmarking service) because there is just too much I want to post – and I seldom have the time for what I consider a full post about it… though I could certainly do short little Dave Winer style posts here. Anyone have an opinion on these two options?

There’s some links to other blogs I definitely want to get up soon, and there’s some reflections on the material I’ve been writing about (in the literature review) I’d like to share – but in the meantime, I can share a link to my latest post at the Infinite Thinking Machine, Creative Commons in Education. I hope I’ve modeled the subject well this time…