The Video-Game Generation

In response to a classmate…

Boyle states, “This is the video game generation”. (2005). Students want hands on learning and seek entertainment. Imagine students who turn to technology with its entertaining appeal to assist in school work and problem solving activities in a routine manner. Successful technology implementation changes the way teachers teach and the way students learn.

Boyle, A. (2005). A formula for successful technology must include curriculum. MultiMedia & Internet@Schools, 12(1), 30-32.


This final paragraph of your post was very much in keeping with what I heard professor James Paul Gee discuss at UCI earlier this week. Thank you for the resource. I located it in Academic Search Premier in the EBSCOE database available on Walden’s Library page.
This is something I will probably quote in a KAM, despite the fact that most of the article is not specifically about video games. :)