The Read/Write Web in GATE Education

So I’m here at UCI today with a group of GATE teachers, asking these three familiar questions (their responses are in italics):

1. What is a blog? A forum or panel for discussion. It’s interactive. You can respond. The word comes from web + log. Online journal or diary.

2. What is the read/write web? Some parts of the web are fixed, and some are in flux – you can add to them. Maybe the web was read-only until recently. Web users used to be more passive… now than can be more active.

3. What do these technologies mean for you and your students? We’re meeting them where they like to be. It increases the time you can interact with your students.

These folks really are GATE teachers… here we go…

Update: Here is a link to the GATE 2.0 wiki I set up to support this presentation.