The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion – Games – The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

This is the RPG I settled on for my PSP. The opening sequences were far too linear, but now that I am clear of those the game is starting to show its depth. The graphics are sharp, but decidedly “old school”.

As a fan of the old Final Fantasy games I am enjoying this as my first “interactive paperback,” as I’ve been calling it.

It also has the distinct advantage of being something I can play in bed without bothering Eva… which makes it better than either playing WoW in the other room or actually reading in the bed! Also, provided I don’t want to switch games (and don’t drop the machine or anything), I can save anytime and then I can use the instant on (and off) feature to play in very short bursts. I hope to get in more gaming this way than I have been able to with WoW, which competes for time with work and research.

Unfortunately, for my research into games and social constructivism, it’s not massively multiplayer. :)

Still, I hope to post more reflections on it (and WoW) in the future.