The iTalk as an assistive technology

Another brief response to a colleague I’d like to share…

Students, who are having hard time writing on the topic, will create an audio recording on Business Ethics by following the same process approach for writing an argumentative or synthesis paper.

This is a great idea, Renee… allowing students to compose in an auditory medium prior to tackling the written word. This might be further facilitated by the use of a digital recording device (such as an iPod and iTalk, see image to the right) to record students. Recordings are time stamped for easy location and assessment at a later time, and can be edited and reordered (just as with word processing) using a variety of free desktop sound editing programs (including Garage Band and iMovie if you happen to have a modern Mac, and something like WavePad on a PC). After the Assistive Technology Institute I coordinated this weekend, I am much more aware of the need for such techniques to help make the connection between stuedents’ abilities and their goals – and of the power we have to actually implement them using new technologies.

But I suppose this is expensive… still, it is happening, and I’m sure it will become less expensive and more wide spread.