The Infinite Thinking Machine Official Launch

I am proud to join CUE, WestEd, KZO Webcasting, and Google Education in the launch of the Infinite Thinking Machine blog and Internet TV show today.

The ITM is a positive vehicle for K-12 educators to share stories and ideas that tap into the infinite resources available on the Internet. Our goal is simple: to show how today’s digital tools can impact student learning in meaningful ways. The ITM is about learning, thinking, communicating, and creativity – not technology. We sincerely hope that this blog and our media productions can jumpstart a wider conversation about innovation and creativity in K-12 education, and we look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

I will be contributing to the ITM blog along with Lucie deLaBruere, Julie Duffield, Wesley Fryer, Lucy Gray, Steve Hargadon, Tom March, and Chris Walsh. In addition, many other CUE leaders are involved in the show, including Hall Davidson, Ray Hernandez, and Mike Lawrence.