The Impact of Web 2.0

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of joining CUE Executive Director Mike Lawrence for a skypecast with the Women of Web 2.0. I’ve read other guests rave about the experience and now I know why. They sure made us think – both the hosts on the call, and the listeners in the chat room. Vicky Davis said “that’s what happens when you talk to teachers.” :)

Our conversation started out with a lot of talking about CUE and CUEtoYOU Professional Development Services, but soon moved into discussion about topics I’m passionate about, such as the “lead learner” philosophy and the “face to face” philosophy – and of course, Two-Way Teaching. They asked a lot of questions about how Web 2.0 technologies might extend traditional conferences – and how something like the k12onlineconference might compliment something like the CUE conference. The podcast (and text chat transcript) are now available: Women of Web 2.0.14 (Via

Prior to the talk I hadn’t yet watched the amazing Web 2.0 video that everyone has been posting and raving about, but once I saw Lawrence Lessig post about it (and I had a morning at my desk) I couldn’t resist. I, too, highly recommend it, though I do wonder how much sense it will make to someone who doesn’t already grasp much of what is shown in the brief video. HTML and XML are well explained, but social bookmarking and tagging just fly by. In any case, check it out: Web 2.0 Video via Lawrence Lessig

This morning’s feeds also brought me this very visual Web 2.0 link via Jenith Mishne: Web 2.0 Concept Map (Via Furl – The Jenith Mishne Archive.)

In related news, earlier this week I noted the new Edublogs Premium service, but I didn’t take the time to blog about it (though I saved a draft of course) and now Steve Dembo has beaten me to it. Check out his post on the subject: Edublogs Premium (Via Teach42.)

Similarly, I noted the NETS “refresh” that is meant to include many of the technologies (and issues) related to the Web 2.0 in the new student standards. David Warlick already has a link up to the eSchool News Article, the Draft, and the feedback form:NETS Update (Via 2 Cents Worth.)

Finally, in Web 2.0 news, Mr. Belshaw is diving into wikis with his students. The best part of his announcement is that he asked for examples and there are now some great links in the comments of this post… including a few I contributed: Taking the wiki plunge at