The DJ Project

The DJ Project (Via Stacy Deeble-Reynolds.): “The DJ Project is an arts entrepreneurship program built on a hip-hop foundation. It uses music to engage young adults, giving them opportunities to develop in a context familiar to them. Through small business management, audio and video production, job readiness training and community service, The DJ Project model is a creative learning experience for the hip-hop generation.”

This looks like an amazing project. Stacy discovered it while working on her “Using Technology to Support the Whole Child” presentation. The director of the DJ Project is interested in collaborating with others in other areas. I got a chance to talk to Orange County’s own Jamie Knight, the Loud Librarian, about this on Saturday night at Mike Guerena’s “Country Bumpkins” BBQ. It turned out Jamie is quite interested in connecting with other innovative music educators like himself, too. I hope something comes out of it… and perhaps by posting it here, the connections might spread.