TeamTreks: Free Online Learning Game

Occasionally people email me to share their new product with me (usually flattering me while they’re at it), presumably with the intent that I might pass it on here on the blog. Every now and then I actually do just that. A few others this week didn’t make the cut, but in this case, it’s a free service that actually looks intriguing, appropriate, and relevant to my research. This game seems to have two aims, helping students develop “essential real-life skills (gathering information, analyzing situations, & making decisions)” and helping track their reading and math performance – all within an outdoor themed setting. If anyone checks it out, I’d love to hear about your experience:

Hi Mark,

I like your blog!

I was reading your Videogames in Education entry and thought maybe you’d like to look at a new website we just launched: It’s not a videogame per se…

TeamTreks is a free online learning game designed for kids in the 4th through 7th grade. In the game, you try to pass a TeamTrek Kayaks Certification test in this. You’re flown in and dropped near Glacier Bay, Alaska. Lead your team back to the TeamTreks cabin before someone calls a rescue.

A Team Leader Toolkit is also available to allow teachers and group leaders to customize the game content and track players’ essential real-life skills (gathering information, analyzing situations, & making decisions) and report on math and reading scores against state standards.

It focuses on skills for students in 4th through 7th grade in:

* Leadership, Teamwork & Decision-making. Teammates’ moods change depending on decisions relate to their preferences in activity, risk, and food. Decisions need to take into account the teammates’ preferences and attitudes.
* Map-reading & navigation. Teammates’ stamina and hunger increase the longer it takes to find a campsite. Efficient navigation decreases the risk of injury and mental breakdown.
* Information gathering & data analysis. Teammates’ health and happiness meters display their status and teammates react to all decision points and decision options.
* Reading Comprehension and Math skills.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested.

Keep up the great work.


Portage Interactive