Teaching journalism skills through games

Teaching journalism skills through games (Via Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog.) Aleks Krotoski: “Likening Role Playing Games to real world situations, the journalism school at University of Minnesota has adapted the RPG Neverwinter Nights for pupils to practice their interviewing techniques.”

My impression is that modifying Neverwinter Nights takes too much time and skill for ordinary teachers to use this tool in the classroom, but some early adopters are certainly taking care of the “proof of concept” stage. MIT’s Revolution is one example. Silversprite has covered several others.

Incidentally, with over 50 items saved as drafts, I decided to simply start with today’s items, though many others are nearing completion. I can always “catch up” later if I must, but I might as well post the new stuff instead of letting it get old. I’m always part thrilled and part embarrassed when someone calls me a prolific blogger (thanks Mr. Belshaw). I do try, but this has to be balanced with work, phd, and life… and ultimately, I think blogging has to be for the blogger, so as thrilled as I am to have readers, I’m trying to keep that in perspective, too.