TeacherTube: YouTube for Teachers

TeacherTube (Via a workshop participant earlier this week… in Redondo I think.) This is like YouTube for teachers… ’nuff said, right? It’s a brilliant idea and I’m glad it exists. All the videos are educational… just check out the channels.

Appropriateness is community moderated; as each page suggests, “Keep it SAFE! Flag all Inappropriate Videos.”

For a few days it was hard for me to put my finger on why it felt so strange to hear about this from a workshop participant. Just now I realized it’s because I would normally hear about such things from my RSS feeds… but I haven’t been keeping up! Not hearing about this is more than enough reason to get back to it. In fact, as I sat down to breakfast just now (Eva was still sleeping), I had a strange desire for a newspaper… so I grabbed the MacBook instead and dug into my feeds!

To be fair, I did hear about it within the week and probably no more than a day after most of you. I just searched my feeds and it popped up first (in my subscriptions) at the CogDogBlog on the 24th, followed by The Tech Savvy Educator on the 27th, and a host of others on the 28th. Then there was a trickle of others on the 29th, 30th, 31st, and even this morning. I learned of it via old-fashioned word-of-mouth on the 29th. Not too bad. Of course, in blog terms I posting quite late to the party. ;)