Teacher and Student Comic Books

Publish your own Comic Books (Via The Tech Savvy Educator.) When I was teaching sophomore English, I often had a variety of choices available for students when it came time for the final project after studying a book. One of these was the possibility of drawing a comic. Students rarely took me up on this, but I’ll never forget one from a student who was getting a very strong F and had hardly turned in a thing all year, if ever. Really. He turned in a beautiful rendition of the novel that clearly demonstrated he read and understood it. He’d picked out key scenes and included important details. There was no doubt in my mind from that point forward that he was bored with school and destined for greater things as an artist… and I knew he understood the book.

Now, more students (who are not necessarily artists) can have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject through a comic, whether its through Comic Creator or the Tech Savvy Educators’ Publisher template… or better yet, if you’re using a Mac, Comic Life, which I was excited to learn (from Robert Craven) will be shipping with new Macs. Check out the Comic Robert created with it for our Spring 2006 Newsletter (See page 2). Note that Robert will be teaching a class in Comic Life for educators, too! (p. 4)

UPDATE: I fixed the link to our newsletter. Sorry to any East Coast early birds that didn’t work for. ;)

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