Take it to the Next Level: Video Games in Education

This was the final presentation I gave at CUE. It was the second to last presentation of the conference, but (thankfully) the room was still packed… and the participants contributed a lot to the presentation. I was amazed what some of them were already doing, particularly when it came to having students create their own video games. Many others seemed to leave the session motivated to put games to work in their classrooms… and to tap into their students expertise when they felt as if their own experience was lacking.

Here is the one page (front and back) handout.
And here are the slides. (18.1 MB)

I look forward to seeing what fruit this session bears.

Also, I look forward to CUE 2007… in the same way that there were literally a dozen sessions on blogs, wikis, and podcasting this year, I expect there will be a dozen sessions on games in education next year. ;)