Sonny Kirkley on Emerging Technologies and Learning Environment Design

It turns out that the previous article I posted on appeared in a special issue of TechTrends guest edited by Sonny Kirkley. I suppose I’ll have to chase down the other articles in the issue, especially Eric Klopfer’s one about “games, simulations, and mobile computing technologies to enhance student learning” (P. 2). I think I’ve already got my hands on Robert Appleman’s “framework for instructional designers to use in integrating various experiential modes into an overall learning environment” (P. 2)… it’s tucked away in my Maybe (as in maybe it will be relevant) directory. I’ve already posted on Nick DeKanter’s contribution to the issue.

At any rate, Kirkley offers a helpful overview of the issue including a table that “provides an overview of how these articles address the key themes of [the] special issue” (p. 3).


Kirkley, S. (2005). Emerging technologies and learning environment design. TechTrends. 49 (3) 2-3. Bloomington, IN: Educational Communications and Technology.

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