Seth Godin on the Noise of Blogging

Seth Godin on the Noise of Blogging (Via Easy Bake Weblogs.) “RSS fatigue is already setting in. While multiple posts get you more traffic, they also make it easy to lose loyal readers. Blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity will use attention more efficiently and ought to win.”

Perhaps I need to take a hint from this and not worry quite so much about posting all the referrals to cool resources that I’ve been posting. I’ve head both angles from readers… we count on you to scour the web and find cool stuff for us, and we preferred the feeds separately. I don’t expect many responses, but pipe up if you are either happy I post the referrals or wish I would stick to original posts. In the meantime, I think I can refer with more “restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity.”

We’re learning as we go with these technologies… both how to be of use to our readers, and how to work the writing (and thinking) into our lives.

UPDATE: I guess what I’m asking is… has this feed become “noise” since I’ve incorporated my referrals here as well (instead of at FURL)? I really love that people are commenting on them now… but if I am going to write about them all, instead of simply saving them, I hope it is worth it to the readers, and not just a time sink. I suppose I can count on you to manage your RSS reading… but I want people to be able to receive my original posts without being turned off by the clutter of the referrals. Hm. Definitely learning as I go.