Serious Games Summit (with some “and life”)

After reading Beck and Wade’s Got Game, my trip to USC last week, and my purcahse of Serious Games by Michael and Chen, I am seriously considering a last minute (and expensive) registration and trip to the Serious Games Summit in DC next week. I can actually clear my calendar those days and plan to approach my boss about it tomorrow.

If any readers would like to offer me any feedback on this idea, please leave a comment below or email me. I’d especially love to know if any of you are going.

Now, because blogging in bursts can be as bad as a blogging lull, I shall save the rest of my posts for later in the week, and turn to actually playing a game… at least until Eva is done watching her Harry Potter movie and assembling her stamps. I’ll be playing World of Warcraft, which I actually hope to get Eva to start playing with me, since we’ve enjoyed (and completed) a few console based RPGs together. :)


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