Serious games, Square Enix, GDC, and you – MMORPG blog

Serious games, Square Enix, GDC, and you – MMORPG blog (Via Google News – Games Education.) This post came in on one of my search feeds and caught my attention, especially this bit:

At this year’s Serious Games Summit of the Game Developers Conference 2007 (GDC 2007), the keynote address will be delivered by Ichiro Otobe, chief strategist for Square Enix. That means that Square Enix and other popular developers have ideas about bridging the gap between commercial entertainment and the serious games industry.

And why is this important to you, the QJ reader? Because better serious games will make your life better. Many education-entertainment or “edutainment” games are boring. A multiplication table, even if it has the Winx fairies doing cartwheels, is still just a boring table. But imagine if companies like Square Enix (with their MMO and RPG games), Maxis, or Blizzard got involved.

An interesting/inspiring bullet list of “this is what the world of serious gaming could become” follows.