See You On The Plus

I am closing down the edtechlife blog, at least for now. The activity here has been minimal for the past year (with only six posts in the last 12 months). For several years my effort has been more focused on Twitter, but now that I’ve been able to move that activity to Google+, I can also post much more substantial posts (with more meaningful dialog) in the same place as my shorter posts. I’ve been feeling bad for sometime about not being much of an edublogger anymore, but the truth is I’m doing my edublogging on Google+. I hope you’ll join me there. 

Because this will likely be my last post at edtechlife for a while, I’m embedding the following RSS feed as an opportunity to introduce any remaining (or future) readers to my Google+ stream (so I’m parting with one last mildly geeky adventure with WordPress – I installed the Embed RSS plugin): UPDATE: That didn’t work (at least at first). Here is the raw feed if you’d like to subscribe to my G+ posts in Google Reader (or elsewhere).

So what does it mean that I’m shutting down this blog? Because 99% of all comments here in the last year have been spam, I am (finally and sadly) turning off comments for posts older than 14 days. That should leave time for some final goodbyes here (and for interaction on anything I might post in the future), while saving me from fighting spam on this and any older posts in the future. Please come comment over on Google+ (or contact me via your favorite method) if you’d like to comment on any of these posts. The posts themselves (and any existing comments here will remain archived for the foreseeable future). So, aside from turning off comments, all it really means is that I’m letting go of the guilt I feel for not posting here more often. :)

Also, over a year ago, I launched the EdTechTeam as a focus for my business efforts, and I hope you’ll join me there as well. The EdTechTeam is a global network of educational technologists. We offer professional development, consulting, and organizational change services to schools, districts, and other educational institutions. Naturally, I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in our services… and I’d also love to hear from colleagues who might be interested in joining the team. Incidentally, the Educational Technology and Life Corporation is our “parent” corporation, so the edtechlife name lives on in that way too. :)

I anticipate having some exciting new things to announce on the EdTechTeam site (and on Google+) in the coming year… and I hope you’ll all be there for that.

Meanwhile, to those of you that are still following this blog in Google Reader (or elsewhere), thank you for all of the support and learning opportunities that you’ve shared over the years. I’ve been thankful for every reader and every comment, and the years I spent writing this blog and responding to all of you (and reading your blogs) were a great foundation for the work I’m doing now – and that I’m certain I’ll be doing in the future. Thank you all.

UPDATE: I’m testing sending my Google+ posts here to this blog (where they’ll be open for comments for 14 days), so perhaps this goodbye was a bit hasty (in some ways), and this is just the beginning of a new kind of content here. We’ll see. In any case, the sentiment remains… and I’m still letting go of the guilt. :)