RSS Ideas For Educators

RSS Ideas For Educators:

Quentin D’Souza has put together a presenation called RSS Ideas For Educators. He’s giving the presentation twice; at the Leading Learning 2006 Conference in February and again at the 2006 ECOO Conference (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario) in May.

He used a wiki to draft the document and has now copied the whole thing into a pdf file that you can download (RSS Ideas for Educators 1.0). It’s an incredible compilation of concrette applications of RSS technology in education. I was flattered that he included some of my work in the links he mentions.

If anyone has been asking you about RSS in education this will make a great companion volume to Will‘s guide. Drop Quentin a line and let him know what you think.

(Via A Difference.)

A Difference is a blog I can definitely recommend to educators and educational technologists, and this post relates directly to many of the “Read/Write Web for Educators” workshops we have put on at the OCDE and through our Custom Training Program. I also just subscribed to Teaching Hacks, where the original post and RSS guide appears.