Role of The Teacher (LONG)

Back on April 13th I posted a “one-page” overview of the role of the teacher (with respect to video games in education). Over the weekend I finished fleshing out that portion of my literature review with quotes and citations. I seem to be getting better at outlining down to the level where I need to only compose a paragraph or two from my notes. As a result I think this section both holds together well and provides several bite-sized stand alone passages (which might later re-appear as blog posts). It think it also holds together better than some of the longer sections I wrote earlier. In any case, here is a link for the word doc (and for the references).

21st Century Skills LONG – 58 KB doc

References – 138 KB doc

Double spaced this section is about 16 pages. If you decide to read it (or skim it) I’d love to hear back from you in the comments. :)