Researcher’s Log 2008-02-03

Today I completed the summaries and emailed the (link to the) final consensus check to all 12 remaining participants. I also looked forward to the confirmability measures I mentioned in the proposal. Some I have covered, such as member-checking, rich thick description, negative or discrepant information, and “prolonged time in the field.” Some I need to look up in order to address them: triangulation and bias clarification. And some I need to recruit help with. For instance, I will need to recruit as many as three peers to serve as a devils advocate for the results, to aid me in a peer debriefing, and to perform an external audit. I have some peers in mind, but am prepared to use as few as one other person for these roles, because I do not expect to find very many peers willing to make the necessary time commitment. I will send out emails to these people next time I work – Wednesday at the latest.

In any case, I will send a reminder to all participants on Wednesday because the final consensus check is due on Friday (the 8th). I plan to complete the final analysis on the 9th and to begin the remaining confirmability measures immediately. I will also begin rewriting chapters 1-3 and drafting the final chapters of the dissertation. I still hope to complete a draft of the dissertation by March 1st.

Of course, all of this is contingent on when Eva has the baby, which is due in two days on the 5th.