Researcher’s Log 2008-02-02

1:30 PM I sent out the third round questions on the 25th. I sent reminders on the 29th and again on the 31st.. Today 11 of 13 have completed the study, and one other just contacted me to say she would complete it today, so I anticipate having the 12 participants complete this 3rd round that I had hoped for. Now I hope I won’t see any additional attrition during the final consensus check; it should, however, require less effort (though at least as much reading) as the previous rounds.

My analysis method will be different for this final round. Coding is not necessary. Round 3 presented summaries (by theme) and asked participants to respond to the statement in the summary that they disagreed with most strongly. In some cases participants replied that they did not disagree with anything on the page… and in other cases they indicated that they did not disagree “strongly” and then provided a response to some elements that they had minor concerns about – or else elaborated on a point. So, in this case I will simply deal with each response one at a time. I will treat each response in one of three ways:

1. Alter the summary to reflect the concern addressed in the response.
2. Catalog the response as a dissenting opinion, to be reported in the dissertation
3. Catalog the response as repetitive, off-topic, or an insignificant contribution.

I think I’ll use TAMS on my first run to tag items for these purposes: {alter}, {dissenting}, {repetitive}, {offtopic}, {insig}. (Or perhaps {discard} for an answer of type 3 that is difficult to classify.)

2:44 PM I used this system, but also needed another set of codes to group responses that addressed the same issues, which were few in number.

6:28 Earlier today I completed the Motivation and Engagement summary. Just now I’ve completed putting together the final consensus check online questionnaire. Due to space limitations in the survey tool, I am no longer embedding the summaries, but am linking to them instead. All that remains is to complete analyzing the responses to Round 3 questions 2 through 6 and then to complete (and upload) the final summaries (at the URLs I specified in the online questionnaire).