Researcher’s Log 2008-01-25

1:22 pm – Yesterday I completed the summary for the motivation and engagement section. It took approximately two hours to complete. My first summary today, the context section, took about an hour. Social Learning is taking longer. I hope to finish all of the summaries this afternoon and send out the Round 3 survey today.

1:44 pm – Social Learning took about 90 minutes to compose. I believe that 21st century skills and reflection will go much more quickly… and I am considering cutting the “other” category from this round. I think I fished out any interesting responses last time… and with the extra added reading for questions 1 through 5, I’d love to be able to cut one question again.

3:06 pm – The reflection section was very short, so I’m considering still keeping the “other” question. Working on it now.

4:43 pm – I just emailed out the Round 3 questionnaire. In the end I decided to focus the final (6th) question on the issues that the participants focused on in Round 2. So, question 6 focused on logistics, including cost, resistance, and organizational change. Other more minor benefits and concerns were dropped from this round. I look forward to the results. Perhaps in the intervening week I will read more for the literature realignment.