Researcher’s Log 2008-01-23

2:02 pm – Back to coding again. I’m noting that there is a developing consensus. Some participants are saying things such as “all the responses above are very valid,” “nothing to add,” and “there is absolutely no question.”

3:56 pm – For question five, I created a slightly difference coding scheme using one of the following letters as the second character in the code:

a – agree
d – disagree
i – idea

4:53 pm – I’ve completed coding. I’m unsure how to proceed with composing Round 3. I used an outliner to arrange and group codes for Round 2. But there are many more codes for Round 3 and I’m unsure if that approach will work, but I am attempting it to begin with.

5:12 pm – The outline approach appears promising. I also ran a “Count” report in TAMS, which lists all codes and their frequency of appearance. I imported this into a numbers spreadsheet and sorted by the number of appearances. 86 of the 119 codes I’ve used only appear once, so my first two characters (which categorize the codes) are critical in making the information useful. Those characters are driving my organization of the codes in my outliner, which will in turn drive my composition of the round three questions. It is already clear that my six Round 3 questions will focus on these topics:

1. Motivation and Engagement
2. Context-Embedded Learning
3. Social Learning
4. 21st Century Skills (for which I am seeking a different name.)
5. Reflection
6. Logistics (including resistance and time.)

The outline went well and I think I’m ready to compose new summaries (tomorrow). I still wonder about how best to approach the questions. Perhaps I will ask them what statement they disagree with (or agree with) most strongly and why.

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