Reinvention Chapter 2—”I Quit”

Reinvention Chapter 2—”I Quit” (Via Weblogg-ed News: The Read/Write Web in the Classroom.)

Among edubloggers, this was the big news of the day… well, yesterday at this point. Will Richardson has quit his day job to be a blogvangelist… or whatever the future brings him. I commented and meant it.

As my own desire to be disruptive mounts, and as the need for some housekeeping and additional features here at this blog come to a head, I will soon be announcing some changes of my own. The first (of at least two) is already underway… I am once again planning a move, this time to a wordpress blog I host at a URL I own. Tonight I purchased the hosting (and URL), installed wordpress, and imported ALL of the content from this blog. This entire process was unbelievably easy! And I can’t wait for the new features of wordpress, including categories and RSS feeds for comments. (Note that you can get free wordpress blogs at for you and your students.)

I started an Omni Outliner file for the issues that remain to be settled before announcing the new URL to anyone other than Mike Porcelli. Right now these include:

– [ ] theme
– [ ] images
– [ ] description and bio
– [ ] categories
– [ ] blogroll
– [ ] Import FURL content?

I will let you all know once I’ve closed escrow again.

Man, does it feel good to geek out a little bit. It was a nice break from all the serious “and Life” issues of late. :)