Reflection on Tonight’s Blogging

After almost 72 hours of very minimal opportunities to read my feeds and blog about them, it felt good to sit for an hour or so and crank through some just now… in short, it felt good to learn, rather than present or listen. ;)

But, with 21 new items posted tonight, I am moving on to formal phd work, even with 434 unread items in my own aggregator. At least I know I’ll always have plenty to read, write, and learn. :D

I’m also particularly excited to return to the office tomorrow and Friday for a solid two days of productive work. I have a lot of thoughts and plans to make happen, and the CUE conference is next week. Oh, and there is the email inbox to attend to. (I always read them as they come in on the blackberry, but responding is another issue. I love the “flag for follow up” feature.)

Thanks for reading.