Reading Feeds and Blogging

Not so long ago I reached a point of information saturation… I can’t believe how long it took actually. Even more recently I gave up caffeine and in turn started sleeping. The result is that for the last few weeks I’ve had to lay off the heavy feed reading and blogging. You may have noticed the referrals were cut way down. Many still languish in draft form, but I finally stopped stressing about them.

I’ve been doing a lot more offline reading and writing, for my phd, and for a few articles I’m working on. Tonight I’ve been traveling to Sacramento for a meeting tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on an article about the read/write web in education, which I hope to post here soon – and finally got around to reading more of Will Richardson’s book on blogs, wikis, and podcasts. I had been putting off my feeds for days at a time… and with about 400 subscriptions now I’m getting about 100 unread items per day. So putting it off adds up quick. Will recommends reading once a day, though, and I’m gonna try to stick that as a balance, even if I have to blast through them all in 30 minutes or less.

Right now it feels amazingly good to catch up on feeds and to write this humble post before bed. (I finally got my quitting caffeine post up just now, too.)

This is the first time I’ve been up past midnight since I quit caffeine, though, and I’m not sure how I’ll feel in the morning… and this from a man who for years would stay up until 2 or even 4 am before stumbling off to work at 7:30 the next morning. Yikes! It’s 1 am… and it feels late.

This is a strange new frontier I’m exploring. I feel so… human.