Readerly Comments

Readerly Comments (Via blog of proximal development.) Konrad Glogowski:

Why? Why were they reading my comments? Why were they so involved? Well, after years of teaching and, what’s even more important, after two years of teaching within a classroom blogging community, I have finally learned to write comments. I stopped writing as someone who dispenses knowledge. I stopped writing as someone who cares only about syntax and organization and who has forgotten what it means to get lost in a good piece of writing. I stopped writing as someone who is reading to assign a grade. Instead, I started reading as someone who wants to learn, as someone who cares about ideas, as someone who wants to join a conversation.

This is an example of how our practice as blogging educators can influence our practice in the classroom as well. This is also an example of how being comfortable being human can improve our practice as educators and our relationships with our students.