Publish or Perish: A Blogging Ethic? (Part II)

A few weeks ago, while in residency, I posted Publish or Perish: A Blogging Ethic?

Well, it seems I’ve perished. I discovered while delivering a read/write web training two weeks ago that Educational Technology and Life is no longer in Will Richardson’s public bloglines list of feeds.

With the time commitments required at work and in my phd writing, I have found little time for composing and posting to this blog. (In the previous months, my coursework provided material on a regular basis, but I am now done with coursework.)

At the same time, I am struggling with motivation (and time) for writing the Knowledge Area Modules (KAMs) leading up to my dissertation. Right now, in fact, I recognize this as a form of procrastination.

However, perhaps I have found a solution to both problems, though it means this blog will continue to be focused primarily on games and education. I will begin to post excerpts from my KAM drafts.

We’ll see how it goes.

Also, keep an eye on my FURL feed for referred (and annotated) content.

Thanks for reading.


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