Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and why we are here…

It’s a funny thing to attend Teacher Expectaion Student Achievement (TESA) training and Professional Learning Community (PLC) training on either end of my time at the Serious Games Summit… it’s framed my cutting edge experience with a strong reminer of why we (as educators) are here and how technologies such as serious games should be applied. They must serve as tools for helping students and educators (and thus society) to reach more of their potential.

If only my pBook was online here (there is patchy wifi, but I haven’t got a good IP address yet) I could multi-task and get some of my other posts up… perhaps I can at least work on them… but at the risk of appearing “arrogant” and “disengaged” in front of my OCDE colleagues (and we can’t have that anymore).

Oh well. ‘Doing my best to uni-task, which admittedly includes the necessary level of distration, such as emailing my blog. As a card carrying digital alien – a digital imigrant (Prensky 2001) who has achieved resident alien status (to extend the metaphor) – I really do find it tough to “power down” and listen to someone present an all text powerpoint, however visionary the content.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Wagner
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