In addition to our core professional development and consulting services, we now offer a selection of desktop and web-based products designed to enhance or facilitate learning and productivity. These products are currently in beta and are offered to users for free. Please consider a $5.00 donation to help support the development of these tools. We would also be grateful for any feedback you can offer regarding your experience with these products. Please use the form below to share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions.

Google Docs Mass Uploader

This cross-platform Java application has one purpose: to upload multiple documents at once to Google Docs, which is a powerful tool for collaborative learning and collaborative work. The interface allows users to authenticate to their Google Docs account, and then drag and drop multiple documents (or folders full of documents) for upload. The application also provides feedback on upload progress. This application requires that you have the latest version of Java installed. If you find the Google Docs Mass Uploader useful, please consider donating $5.00 to help support the development of this tool.


  1. Download this file:
  2. Unzip (or extract) the file onto your desktop (or to a location of your choice). This will result in a new folder called “GoogleDocsMassUploader.”
  3. Open the “GoogleDocsMassUploader” folder and then the “executable” folder.
  4. Click on: DocUploader.jar
  5. Enter your Google account information, replacing “User Mail ID” with your own username and the black dots with your own password. Use the same username and password that you use to log into Google Docs.
  6. Use the “Add File” or “Add Folder” buttons (or drag and drop files or folders onto the application) to add files to the queue. Note: Though any file will show up in the queue, only files compatible with Google Docs will be uploaded. (Unfortunately, PDF files are not included at this time.)
  7. Use the “Clear” button to clear the queue if necessary.
  8. Click the “Upload” button to begin mass uploading your files to Google Docs. A progress window will appear. Note: If you copy large numbers of files, they may not all appear in the progress window, but they will copy. Be patient – and visit your Google Docs homepage and refresh your browser to monitor your progress. Future versions of this software will rectify this problem.
  9. The “List Files” button merely lists the existing files in you Google Docs account, and the “About” button gives basic information about the program.
  10. Please use the form below to share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions related to the Google Docs Mass Uploader.

Search, Learn, Share

This project is a prototype for a learning focused metasearch tool. Currently the application is in Phase 1, with Phase 2 under development. If you find the Search, Learn, Share useful, please consider donating $5.00 to help support the development of this tool.

Phase 1: The user is presented with the question “What do you want to learn?” and an empty search box. Entering something into the search box and hitting return results in resources being returned from several specialized Google searches, including Web Search, Blog Search, News, Books, Images, Videos, and Local Search – with each type of source in its own section of the page. This saves the user from having to visit multiple sites for multiple types of information. This is an ideal tool for students and teachers conducting research.

Phase 2: The user can then annotate and save their search – or their individual results. This way they can return to useful searches and results again in the future. Results can also be grouped into projects or “folders.” Naturally annotations include keywords or tags to allow organization via folksonomy.

Phase 3: In addition, if users choose to share their results (publicly or with their “friends” or “co-learners” in the system) then others will be able to benefit from their annotations. Users will also be connected with others who are learning about (and sharing) the same thing, and they will be presented with links to what their friends are learning: “What’s Mike learning?” & “What’s Julie learning?”


  1. Visit to answer this question: “What do you want to learn?”
  2. Browse results from different specialized search sources.
  3. Click on the single box next to each category (such as News) to see just the top result. This is the default setting.
  4. Click on the double box to see more results. This is usually four results.
  5. Click on the quadruple box to see all results. This opens a separate page.
  6. Please use the form below to share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions related to Search, Learn, Share.


Please consider a $5.00 donation to help support development of these tools.


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